Sunday, June 21, 2009

Solar Photovoltaic Stocks June 2009

Solar Photovoltaic Stocks - June 2009

If you dont know what solar photovoltaic means, get a quick rundown over a wiki and then read on. The global market for solar photovoltaic (PV) is growing rapidly. To find out about trends and figures regarding the PV industry you should check out This is a great site for information on all things PV and one of our favorite industry web sites. News and stats there are excellent and I highly recommend bookmarking the site for your research. In the US, PV installations are on the rise and state as well as federal policies are paving the way for PV projects to be rapidly interconnected as part of utility power sources. Rules like feed-in tariffs, SRECS (Solar Renewable Energy Credits) and Renewable Portfolio Standards are actually mandating the integration of PV and other alternative energy projects.  As this market is poised to explode, it is important to recognize that there are certain industry leaders, companies that are successful and strong and have achieved their success through experience and perseverance.  Many of these companies have very low cost stocks right now and should be looked at very closely before deciding where to put your PV stock money.  Here are the companies on the top of our list for June:
·         SolarFun            (SOLF)
·         SunTech            (STP)
·         Akeena             (AKNS)
There are many other strong companies in this sector but I will focus this month on these as they seem to be making the most movement.  If you have an opinion to the contrary of this please POST!
I bought this stock at $4.40 back in late May and since it has been up to 8.48 and is currently at $6.43.  This is a 46% gain during a turbulent market and on the coattails of a down week.  If that isn’t a strong buy I don’t know what is.  These guys are clearly in it to win it and are becoming a common name on the market.  I will continue to buy this stock.
Suntech is the world’s largest manufacturer of solar modules, they have been in the game for a long time, and offer a great alternative to the more expensive SunPower modules.  SunTech is currently trading at $16.74 and I bought it a few weeks ago at $12.62, a solid 33% gain over three weeks.  This company does not seem to be faltering and actually appears to be moving towards lower prices in the quarters to come.  I will continue to buy this stock.
Akeena is a large installation company based in North America.  Back in January of 2008, this stock was trading at $15.  In March 2009, it hit rock bottom at $0.57.  Recently, a class action law suit was filed against Akeena and the stock has been very turbulent since, with an initial downturn.  After that, my thought was to buy!  The fact of the matter is, Akeena is a strong company that I believe will be around and even though I bought at $1.49 and now it’s down to $1.33 I’m holding this stock and potentially buying more!  Three weeks ago, it peaked at $1.80!  The reason is simply that Akeena was up in the $5 range a few months ago and I see no reason why it won’t get back up there.  It doesn’t appear that they will be a “quick fix” or will skyrocket unexpectedly, but rather I believe that it will climb steadily back up to near or above the range it was at as investor confidence climbs over the next few months and quarters.  As far as I’m concerned this is the best opportunity in years to buy Akeena.
So those are my picks this month and I will hopefully have good news in a few weeks about their success.  Please post comments if you have any thoughts or questions about these or other solar stocks.  Remember, GreenStock Talk is all about conversation!
Happy Investing!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Green Stock Talk Introduction

Welcome to Green Stock Talk!!!!!

This is the first post of our site and I want to welcome you with a quick overview of what we hope this interactive blog based site will provide.  First and foremost, Green Stock Talk is intended to be a forum for conversation involving clean energy and green sector stocks.  There will never be any charge for use of this site and it is intended to be a grass-roots based community page for questions and answers, tips and tricks, and a wide range of information about clean energy stocks.  We will post ideas about specific stocks to invest in and why we are investing in them, or about specific sectors in the green energy world that appear to be on the rise.  Hopefully, you will gain some valuable information about what we are investing in and why as well as use this site as a place to bounce ideas around and gain feedback about particular investment ideas.  We will share with you the stocks that we are currently investing in, some insight as to why, and how they have improved since we purchased them.  We will also provide clarity and transparency when considering buying or selling stocks to illuminate the thought process that we go through in those decisions.

Green Stock Talk is a site where market newbies can ask questions about risks and benefits of investing in the stock market.  If you are a seasoned stock investor we welcome your thoughts and ideas to help others develop their portfolios.

Investing is not easy, and knowing when to make moves is key to success, as a community based site we aim to engage in conversations to help people decide what to do in the market.  The content found on this site is strictly the opinions of contrinbutors to the site and should never be used to make decisions without doing your own research as well.

We hope that the content you find here will be useful, and please leave comments and questions to inspire further conversations!

Our first stock based post will focus on Solar Photovoltaic stocks and what companies we believe are on the rise.

Happy investing!