Friday, June 19, 2009

Green Stock Talk Introduction

Welcome to Green Stock Talk!!!!!

This is the first post of our site and I want to welcome you with a quick overview of what we hope this interactive blog based site will provide.  First and foremost, Green Stock Talk is intended to be a forum for conversation involving clean energy and green sector stocks.  There will never be any charge for use of this site and it is intended to be a grass-roots based community page for questions and answers, tips and tricks, and a wide range of information about clean energy stocks.  We will post ideas about specific stocks to invest in and why we are investing in them, or about specific sectors in the green energy world that appear to be on the rise.  Hopefully, you will gain some valuable information about what we are investing in and why as well as use this site as a place to bounce ideas around and gain feedback about particular investment ideas.  We will share with you the stocks that we are currently investing in, some insight as to why, and how they have improved since we purchased them.  We will also provide clarity and transparency when considering buying or selling stocks to illuminate the thought process that we go through in those decisions.

Green Stock Talk is a site where market newbies can ask questions about risks and benefits of investing in the stock market.  If you are a seasoned stock investor we welcome your thoughts and ideas to help others develop their portfolios.

Investing is not easy, and knowing when to make moves is key to success, as a community based site we aim to engage in conversations to help people decide what to do in the market.  The content found on this site is strictly the opinions of contrinbutors to the site and should never be used to make decisions without doing your own research as well.

We hope that the content you find here will be useful, and please leave comments and questions to inspire further conversations!

Our first stock based post will focus on Solar Photovoltaic stocks and what companies we believe are on the rise.

Happy investing!


  1. It seems like there isn’t much free investing information and forums out there for people like me that have no experience, therefore I’m quite relieved to see this site developing. I have yet to invest in any stocks. I do know that I’m particularly interested in renewable energy and “green” businesses. I can’t help but see the rising need for innovation and growth in these industries as global climate change and ecological responsibility influence our government’s choices and our own lifestyle choices. I’m looking forward to starting my first portfolio with the guidance and information I can obtain from this site!

  2. It's true, most sites want to take your money or send you a barrage of useless emails intended only to make you "Buy this special report" or "Sign up for our exclusive membership" this forum will never charge and will only exist to help people just like you find answers to the questions they have about investing in green energy. Stay tuned for our first thread on solar photovoltaic and hopefully you will start to find some interesting and useful information.

  3. This looks like a really cool site, I hope it grows to be all that you say it will. I am really interested in solar stocks, I dont really know which or what companies but I'm just sure there is about to be a boom! Hopefully you have a post about that soon!

    Good Luck and thanks for doing this!

  4. I'm interested in geothermal stocks since President Obama gave $84 million to one small company a few weeks ago. Anyone know what company that was? Or how that company is doing? I would like to learn more about geothermal companies and which ones to invest in?

  5. Thanks so much for the post. Yes Geothermal is a very hot subject right now and will be the subject of my next post. The company you are referring to I believe was US Geothermal (HTM) and I will share with you all what we were able to rake in on that one!!!!

  6. AltaRock Energy was written up in NYT last week. They received 36 million from the Dept. of Energy for drilling above San Francisco. Interesting article re: earthquake potential. Just search on NYT site for AltaRock Energy. The consequences in Switzerland raises a number of questions about this technique.
    Great site btw, good luck with it.

  7. Thanks for the post and I will definitely look into it! Geothermal is a very exciting technology, one that I think is going to be a significant part of our energy future in this country as well as globally. There are several interesting companies to look at in this sector and I will share all of my knowledge on this site in my next post.

  8. So I think that I'm ready to start investing on a very small scale. Should I divide my investment between multiple companies? Or just pick one in particular that I'm interested in? Also, I've been trying to find an inexpensive trading site. Any suggestions?

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